Dear Friends,

As a singer songwriter, my passion has always been music and as a child my dream was always to become a recording artist but throughout the years I've discovered a second passion as strong as music and that is to draw a smile on a kid's face using the magic power of music.

​T​hat's why MUSIC FOR YOUR HEART FOUNDATION (MFYH) was created, to provide children with the resources so they can achieve their dreams.

​We are here to connect kids, parents, music teachers, schools, institutions, community and social leaders, music indrustry professionals and companies, instruments manufacturers, sponsors, media services, event planning services and volunteers to build a better world for humanity using music as a universal language.
Since MFYH was founded, every single day has been the most incredible human experience I've ever had and I’m very proud to share our mission with all of you.

Ruben Campbell,
Founder and President of MFYH Foundation.


MFYHF is a 501c3 non-profit organization which mission is to obtain all the resources possible to provide instruments and music education to 2 billion kids on earth, 
reaching children with the greatest needs and fewest resources of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and diversities. We aim to develop their self-esteem, talent, passion and help them to reach their highest level of expression as a human being and achieve their dreams. 

At MFYH foundation we want to promote a sustainable cultural life, opportunities for self-development and social integration.

1 - One of our goals is to raise money not only to purchase instruments, music equipment and create or renovate music spaces at educational institutions but also to build awareness of how important music is in our lives.

2 - At MFYH Foundation we are looking to expand to more schools and implement music programs that could enhance children’s passion for music, their talent and follow their progress.


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3 - MFYHF TOUR: We would like to take our program national with a tour over 25 cities, giving away instruments in 25 schools, filming a documentary about the tour and air it at a prime time show on a National TV Network. The very cool thing is that at each school we will use a very particular music band to perform in front of the Kids. Instead of using electricity, the band uses a pedaling system that generates the energy to power the equipment for the concert and guess who is pedaling? THE KIDS!!!! They line up and pedal one after the other, “powering” the show. Is there a better way to engage them and share and educational message about music and respect for the environment? 

4 - MFYHF ACADEMY: We also envision to open our MFYH Foundation Academy where kids could be following their passion after school and get music education not only to master an instrument but also understand all the components that have an influence in the kid's self development and social integration through music.

5 - MFYHF RECORD LABEL: We want to create the recording environment to produce young talent or any artist that would like to dedicate a portion of the proceeds to benefit kids and the foundation. MFYH Foundation pursues to build an experienced team that could help us identifying those children that according to their talent could potentially become successful recording artists and give them the right orientation and even support their future career.

6 - MFYHF & "THE WORLD OF HAPPY...MUSIC IS THE SOUND OF LIFE": The book that will change the world's sound forever...Go to our "products" area and purchase the book now to contribute to the new sound coming into your heart and 2 billion kids in this planet.​​

All these exciting projects can only happen with your support
Music For Your Heart Foundation